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This storage bag is lovingly hand-painted with high quality textile paint. Jute is a natural fibre that is notoriously durable, meaning this product will last. The material is also firm and able to hold itself up and doesn't 'slump' easily. 

It was originally designed to hold pot plants, but we soon found they were extremely versatile and could be used anywhere...a bouquet of flowers, in the kids room or next to the bed, in the kitchen to hold spuds, on the counter for utensils, in the bedroom for 'bits 'n pieces' or even lounge for all that miscellaneous stuff we accumulate. Some customers have even used them for their mini Christmas trees.

Plants in pots can be sat in the bags with a saucer at the base to catch any water. It is a natural fibre, so sitting directly in water isn't good for them (they will rot like any natural fibre would).

All jute storage bags are handmade locally. Everything is done in-house, from cutting the fabric, painting the patterns and then sewing them up. The paint is a special textile paint (so it won't run when washed) which means it can be hand washed gently or spot cleaned with water.



15cm diameter


18cm in height

(Please note there may be some variability in the dimensions)

They come in three sizes small ($20), medium ($25) and large ($30) and look great as a set or mixed and matched with different colours and patterns. See our other listings for details.

As each bag is individually painted, each one is 100% unique.